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Economic & Workforce Development Students

To register for EWD courses, please call 336-734-7023 on Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm and Friday from 9am-noon. Online registration for EWD courses is not available at this time.

Summer Term, 2023 Last Updated: Mar 23

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Course Registration

This page is for basic course information. Please visit myForsythTech to register for classes and/or view up to date personalized program/account information.

Delivery Methods

  • On campus - On campus classes are instructor-led in a physical classroom with both students and instructor present. The content is 100% face to face, with no distance learning component. Technology, including web based content, may be employed in teaching the section but the class itself is not conducted over the internet.
  • Internet – Asynchronous - Not required to meet online at specific times and work on your schedule with specified deadlines.
  • Internet – Synchronous - Required to meet online at specific times and work on your schedule with specified deadlines.
  • On campus with Internet component - On campus with Internet component classes are taught in both physical classroom and online instruction.
  • On campus and livestream online - Students have the option to attend class on campus or participate via livestream online at the scheduled time

Textbook Information

The textbook information provided by this link is presumed correct at the time of posting and every effort is made to keep the information current. However, books and related costs are subject to change.

Online Students

Currently, Forsyth Tech does not have any additional charges associated with verification of student identity.

Waitlisting Courses

Select courses are available for waitlist at this time, and if the section is eligible it will be indicated in the comments area for that section. Choosing to waitlist a course does not guarantee you will receive a seat in a course.  It does place you on a waiting list, should another section become available you will be registered, assuming your schedule has no conflicts.Your waitlist status will be communicated through your Forsyth Tech email account. It is the student's responsibility to check their email in advance of the payment deadline to verify placement into another section. Failure to do so could result in being purged from all classes due to non-payment of tuition.